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DIY Kitchen Renovation 101: Replace or Renovate Cabinetry?

Modern-Kitchen-CabinetsMore people now do their very own kitchen renovations, and there are many tasks they can do on their own. However, when it comes to changing your kitchen cabinets, caution should be taken to avoid mistakes that will cost you a fortune. Updating your kitchen cabinets can be very tricky work indeed, so be careful. There are always limitations as a DIYer. What you want to do, like everyone does, is to freshen up your cabinetry, not wreck them aimlessly.

How Much can you Spend on Cabinets

In case you’re wondering why budget always comes up in discussions about home renovations, it’s because what you can do revolves around how much you can spend. The other way around is a dangerous venture. Determine what your preferred budget is and then work with that budget. Re-painting or re-finishing your cabinets is the least expensive way for an update. The next thing on the budget ladder is replacing cabinet doors and handles and at the other end then there is the complete replacement of the cabinetry.

If you’re buying new kitchen cabinets, stick to durable ones. The material itself should be durable and water-proof. The construction should be sturdy.

Can You Actually Perform the Work

replace-kitchen-cabinetsWorking on kitchen cabinets requires more than simple do-it-yourself skills. It’s not for first-timers who want to fiddle casually with what trained professionals do on a daily basis. But if you’re willing to learn yourself and risk a little money to a complete fiasco, well then by all means you should proceed. Just follow standard measurements and alignments. Misaligned and titling cabinets are standard results of poorly executed DIY work.

By the way, just because it’s do-it-yourself doesn’t mean you cannot ask help from friends. You probably have a friend whose skills are more polished than yours. Maybe they can lend a hand. Just make sure you treat them to something.

Aesthetics, Planning, and Functionality

The problem with redesigning kitchens or bathrooms is these areas serve as essential utilities in the house and neglecting the importance of these rooms is not a good idea. However, ignoring design altogether is an equally horrible idea.

For instance, when replacing cabinet doors, you may pick anything you find that looks good. After all, what’s functional is good. Or is it? While some materials are sturdy and durable, they may be prone to stains and watermarks. The best materials for a busy kitchen are those that are not prone to fingerprints and stains, unless you find cleaning a fun hobby. At the same time, designs that are easy to handle are highly recommended. What good is a sleek door handle if you can’t grasp it when your hands are slippery and wet? It’s all about balance between aesthetics and function. One isn’t necessarily good without the other.

Make Sure you can Open the Cabinets

kitchen-cabinetSilly question, right? Or probably not. A typical DIY mistake, when replacing cabinet doors or the entire cabinetry, is layout inconsistency. You could ruin the efficiency and mobility in the kitchen if you replace or renovate your cabinets without considering the design. So you have cabinets that open into stoves and drawers that also bump into something else upon opening. You might have to redo your work soon!

There are plenty of other problems to watch out for too, like ignoring styling or mismatching cabinet paint and wall paint. Some things seem beautiful to begin with, but in the end they can have a big impact in your kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation Reminders for First Timers

You probably know when it’s time to update your bathroom. No other part of the house is more susceptible to water damage, mold damage, and plumbing problems than the bathroom. Of course, homeowners have several reasons for renovating the bathroom. But whatever you have in mind, choosing the correct options is critical for the success of the project.

Add value to your home & Conduct Inspections

Inspecting a Bathroom Before a RenovationYou’re probably doing renovation to replace old tiles and sinks and put some nice new stuff in the room. But apart from aesthetics and function, one thing to not ignore is to raise the value of the home. Don’t start planning until you have assessed the condition of the bathroom. Old bathrooms can have a number of problems–loose taps, rusty sink, mildew, water leaks, damaged tub, broken or missing tiles, etc. The average homeowner is not trained to pin down all signs of deterioration. Builders or renovators can inspect a bathroom to see what updates it needs.

Have an Emergency Fund for Renovations

The Bathroom Renovation budget you come up with may be enough only to execute the improvement plans if they go smoothly. It may not cover expenses arising from unforeseen projects, such as damaged sub-flooring or hidden plumbing leaks. Many homeowners have been surprised by hidden problems that come to the surface during the progress of the renovations. It can often leave them with no choice but to squeeze money out from their pockets to spend for the additional work.

Consider Bathroom Traffic

How many family members use the bathroom every day? How often people use the bathroom should dictate what kind of materials you use. You may like to choose beautiful and luxurious tiles for a gorgeous floor, but that floor may soon look ugly with all that foot traffic. Many expensive tiles are difficult to clean and require regular maintenance to keep their pristine appearance, and this is why porcelain tiles are a favorite. Porcelain is cheap but looks stylish, at least when installed correctly. It’s also easy to maintain.

Pay Attention to Your Shower Area

Yes, the tub looks like it needs replacement, but see if you can have it re-finished. Besides, think about how often you use it. People don’t, usually, spend time in their tubs. In fact, some homeowners have tubs for bathroom aesthetics. They take a bath in the shower.

If you’re renovating the shower stall, look at the measurements. The perfect shower area is one which allows you to move freely without bruising your elbows. Although a 9 square feet stall is standard; a bigger space is preferable, a 24 or 35 square feet shower area has much better space.

If you’re replacing toilets or shower heads, then that’s the best time to replace them with water-efficient alternatives. Pretty taps and showerheads may look great in your bathroom. But are they water-efficient? Low-flow showerheads guarantee savings on water usage. With the right choice on toilets, faucets, and showerheads, you can save as much as 15,000 gallons of water a year.

Consider Putting in a Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom CountertopsCountertops are not just for kitchens. Bathrooms could use them too. Instead of just having a sink, you can add counter space and exploit this additional space for vanity. Speaking of vanity, take note that natural stone has invaded the bathroom. Granite countertops are popular in the bathroom too. Then again, there is that dreaded cost problem. Laminates are the pocket-friendly alternatives.

Don’t Ever Ignore the ventilation!

It’s not hard to understand that the bathroom quickly gets damp. Although the drainage system takes care of much of the water used in this room every day, there’s still always enough water remaining in the bathroom to keep the room humid. High humidity favors mold and mildew growth, making the room smell musty. Proper ventilation prevents moisture buildup and mold proliferation. Fans or dehumidifying devices are imperative.

Beginner’s Guide to Bathroom Renovations

Many people, even those well-off, are after wise investments. Everyone wants to put their money to good use and to waste it is truly a mistake no one wishes to make. This is true even in bathroom renovations. Just because you’re inexperienced in dealing with it doesn’t make it an excuse to commit mistakes. The success of any Sydney bathroom renovation project starts in planning.

Bathroom in Need of a RenovationDon’t Rush Your Decision to Renovate

Unless it’s an emergency situation, perhaps for medical reasons, you don’t need to call frantically for a renovation service and have your bathroom torn down. Contemplate on it. Ask yourself what exactly is in the bathroom that’s bothering you. Is it the old toilet? Is it the chipping counter top and the old paint? Is it the entire bathroom looking old and ugly, if so, then this is where you start. You start looking at the problem and then you decide what you should do.

Talk to Experienced Renovators

You might not do this because you think some of them would just trick you into buying their service. While there are people in every industry who are out to get as many clients as they can into their bandwagon, there are pretty decent contractors in the home An Experienced Femail Renovatorrestoration industry. Consult at least three. Present your bathroom situation. Ask them what’s the best plan based on your budget. Then assess their responses.

Accurately Picture Your New Bathroom

Renovations lead to a change in design in most cases. Hardly, anyone renovates a part of the house only to restore it to its old look. The purpose of renovations is partially functional and partly aesthetic. Keeping that in mind, picture out the new appearance of the bathroom. Get inspiration from websites about bathroom designs, but pick out designs that suit the size, layout, and shape of your bathroom. More importantly, make sure the new fittings and furniture match its existing model, unless you’re planning a bathroom remodeling, which is something else.

Set a Clear & Definitive Budget

Don’t contact any renovator until your funding limitations have been rightly decided. Your budget limits the materials you can choose, and it also defines the work that can be done during the renovation. You may be thinking of changing the location of the sink Calculator Working Our Bathroom Budgetor putting the toilet in another area in the bathroom, but that entails plumbing work, which means another contract work to be carried out and added expenditure.

Don’t worry about the tiles, fixtures, counter tops, and everything. There are good choices for every budget. For instance, natural stone counters are at the high end the price spectrum, while laminates are at the low end. Somewhere in between are porcelain, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, and a myriad of other choices. Mind you, the price has nothing to do with the quality and beauty of the material.

Choose the Right Contractor For the Job

Most homeowners have to hire a licensed contractor to handle any home remodeling or improvement work. Hardly any average individual has reliable DIY skills for bathroom renovation, which is a technical work that needs expertise.

Always remember, when hiring a contractor, look up their services, length of time in the industry, estimates, and feedback. Most people would just hire the first company they find. Thus, they miss budget-friendly quotes and nice professionals. Comparing quotes is what wise consumers do. Do you want to the most out of your investment? Shop around for bathroom renovation services.

Bathroom Renovation Tips for People on Budget

How much you spend on a bathroom renovation depends on you. Opt for the most lavish fixtures and furniture if you have all the money. Otherwise, choose your options wisely. Who said only through spending loads of money can you have a beautiful bathroom?

Classic Repainted BathroomRe-paint Your Existing Bathroom

Repainting is the easiest and cheapest way to update any part of the house. If your bathroom looks outdated and dreary, try changing its color, but be careful when choosing hues. End up with the wrong hue, and your bathroom will look funny. A lot of bathrooms are not that large. Hence, light colors are preferable much of the time. Re-paint jobs can be done by the homeowner himself as long as he takes precautions. Move all furniture out. Clean and scrub the area to be painted. Cover fixtures, furniture, and areas that are not meant to be painted on.

Refurbishing Countertops are a Good Option

Do you just tear down an old worn countertop? Replacing counters is expensive. Besides, tearing the old one down is a messy affair. But you can refinish the old counter, or replace the countertop with inexpensive tiles or laminates, and there are plenty of good options for tiles too.

Old tiles look dull. That happens because of exposure to water and cleaning chemicals. Over time, washing and scrubbing your bathroom floors will strip the tiles of their pristine grandeur finish and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it besides replacing them. Are you on very tight budget, then no problem, inexpensive vinyl tiles are also very attractive. For only just a few dollars per square meter, you shouldn’t be complaining. Accentuating with a few natural stone tiles here and there does the trick of styling your then old bathroom.

Bathroom With AccessoriesBe Modest on Bathroom ware Accessories

Bathroom ware accessories is great when you have a huge bathroom area. But in doing this, you have to be careful to not let the room look like a cluttered storage area. Minimalism is the current trend in renovations and people with small bathrooms should apply this styling strategy. Limit wall fixtures. Limit furniture. If you’ve never sat on the tub or you’ve only done so a few times in the last five years, you’re better off selling that away. De-clutter your bathroom, if you haven’t already, and free up space. Let the room breathe!

You Can Always Buy Second-hand Bathroomware

The majority of people wouldn’t even believe some elements of your bathroom were second hand if you told them. Second-hand items and refurbished items and discounted items are options worth consideration. You can get stone counter tops with a few cosmetic defects for a fraction of the price of a good one.

You should also keep an eye on bargains. So many bargained bathroom fixtures, furniture, lights, tubs, sinks, and shower heads are available from different stores and suppliers. Shopping around is a fantastic way to find affordable deals. Hardly any homeowner in a hurry has ever ended up spending less.

Do Your Part in the Project

You may still have to hire a renovator even if you are on a budget. However, you can save on their service fees by making their jobs quicker. Prepare the bathroom for renovation. Remove all your stuff there. Remove the furniture. Clean the room. If there’s going to be a painting job, cover fixtures and items.

Best of all, talk to your renovator about your budget woes. They will help you come out with budget-friendly options to allow you to change your bathroom’s appearance without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Renovation FAQs

Professional renovators come across clients with virtually common concerns and issues and you also likely have some of the same questions that follow.

How Much Time For Kitchen RenovationsHow Long do Kitchen Renovations Take

It depends on the size of the project. Kitchen renovations can be anything from updating your bench top to a complete overhaul. So there is no single time frame for all types of home improvements. It may only take as little as three days; it can be three months. Ask your contractor how much time it takes for them to do the project you need to be done and plan appropriately for the disruption of utilities. Any good contractor who builds kitchens in Perth will be able to give you a clear and definitive timeframe for the completion of the entire project.

Some people think the renovators will be at their doorstep the next day after they made a call. The truth is from the moment you call to make a consultation, up to the moment you reach an agreement on a contract; 2-3 weeks may have already passed. Then you may spend 2-4 weeks on planning and selecting materials and another four weeks to purchase materials. So two months could pass, and you virtually have not touched the kitchen yet.

How Do You Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation?

That depends on what you mean by preparation. Is it what you do before the contractor arrives? Is it what you do before the actual improvements (demolition, cleaning, etc.)? Preparation can be extensive. It entails planning, budgeting, selecting a contractor, consulting an interior designer, and choosing materials. Preparations are more important than the actual renovation. All of the planning needs to be in perfect order before you even think about commencing work.

What if I Have No Design Ideas?

Good-IdeaMost renovators are experts in design, although not as keen as interior designers. You can hire both, and they can work for what’s best for your kitchen. Both can help you fix your kitchen flaws and change it into something cozy, functional and inviting. In many instances, you’re better off hiring a professional renovator or contractor to make sure the job gets done right and to avoid costly mistakes.

People are reluctant to hire contractors because of the false notion that doing so would cost them too much. However, with professional service from licensed renovators, you’re paying for quality. You may be able to do the project but fail to execute like experienced pros do. Seasoned contractors install counter tops, splash backs, sinks, and tiles smoothly. If they make mistakes, you can sue them and compel them to fix their substandard work. You’re investment is protected. But if you make a mistake yourself, you’ll have to redo everything at your expense.

When Do I need a Kitchen Renovation?

This question requires a subjective answer. In other words, it depends on you. Do you like how your current kitchen looks? If so, then you don’t need renovation. Maybe a few touch ups are good. However, if you hate the look of your kitchen, it’s good to contemplate on updating it. Of course, there are other pressing problems such as growing children, having an elderly and water damage. There could also be mold damage, cracked counter tops, rusty sink, loose taps and water leaks.

Pay Attention Warning SignWhat Should I Pay Attention To?

Many things! Budget, planning, design, layout, measurements, choice of materials, and choice of contractor are some of the things you have to take into consideration. Also, you have to anticipate mess and inconvenience during the time when you can’t cook in the kitchen.

Update Your Kitchen with These 7 Tips

Kitchen renovations are always interesting. They test your creativity. When done right, they can seriously change the way you feel about your cooking area at home.

Kitchen-Renovation-Ideas-Scrd-522x3911. Some Variations are Good

If everything in the kitchen is the same material and the same hue, your kitchen will look boring. Go back to the color palette and see which colors come together with harmony. For example, black granite on counter tops may be matched with white walls for a dramatic contrast. Also, vary the type of materials. A wooden island can complement stainless steel counter and sink. But be careful when matching materials because otherwise your kitchen will look like a circus.

2. Splurging May Not Be All That Bad

You can be thrifty on lights, fixtures, cabinetry, and tiles. But if your budget permits, you can splurge on an area, say the counter top. The trick is adding a luxurious item in the kitchen that serves to lure people’s attention. Your visitors will see your marble counter top and revel at its gorgeousness even though the rest of the room has modest materials. Well colour matched attractive splashbacks can also serve the same purpose too.

3. Flaunt all of Your China

forema-folo-printing-kitchen-decorWhy keep your cute collection of glassware, when you can let everyone see them? Open up those cabinets. Remove their doors, and replace them with transparent glass. The kitchen looks spacious and more impressive with open shelving. More people are shifting from closed cabinetry to open shelving with upper cabinets, because not only does the latter give the kitchen more air but also it gives you more storage space for the decorative stuff. Don’t remove your closed lower cabinets though. They offer hidden storage for kitchenware and supplies.

4. Try Some Wood Styling if You Dare

Metal, ceramic, concrete, and natural stone have invaded houses with the explosion of modern interior design. Hardly anyone invests in wooden interiors now. But wait! Oak has never gone out of fashion. The right choice of wood for your center island or even counter tops can make a difference. Rural cottages and villas do enjoy designs from wood, but such designs are popular in suburbs too. What you need is careful experimentation and inspiration from kitchen design websites. You can also try contrasting stainless steel appliances with barn-wood island and furniture. With the wood, however, you need to pay attention to maintenance. It requires regular sealing to avoid staining.

5. Choose White is Easy

If you know what color to settle on, no problem! Paint your walls white. The good thing about white is it is a color that will match easily with any other color as it’s neutral. It doesn’t matter whether your counters are green or brown or black. They all look great against a white backdrop. White looks neat and adds the illusion of space to small kitchens.

6. Good Lighting is the Secret

Your lights can make or break your indoor kitchen design. If you’re renovating, this is your chance to change the lights in the kitchen. The best thing about lighting fixtures is they are never that expensive. There are inexpensive lamps or chandeliers that look great in the kitchen and emphasize your design.

Another thing to seriously consider adding is natural lighting. Windows invite outdoor light into your kitchen and natural light can make rooms more inviting. So open up that enclosed kitchen.

7. Do Not Ignore the Splash back or the Sink

Everyone is worried about their counters and floors that they forget about using a quality glass splashback and sink. The splashback should complement the counter top. Choose materials that don’t easily get stained. As for the sink, choose scratch resistant options, like composite granite or fire clay.